Toddlers16/18 months – 2 years

Our stimulating and fun-filled toddler rooms are the perfect space for toddler’s drive for exploration. Our toddler rooms are staffed with a 1:7 ratio and nurturing caregivers provide attentive and affectionate care. All of our teachers are full-time, ensuring your toddler feels safe and connected to their caregivers.

The toddler rooms are built for active and inquisitive toddlers, with plenty of well-planned activity areas that encourage self-directed play and child choice. There are lego and sensory tables, great books, pretend play areas, baskets filled with blocks and exploratory materials, musical instruments, and outdoor play areas to explore.

We foster their fine and gross motor skills as well as their cognitive development. Language development is encouraged with much of the day filled with Spanish songs and conversation. We also teach toddlers several basic sign language commands to further enhance our ability to communicate and provide care. Toddlers enjoy plenty of active play time in our indoor and outdoor play areas.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we have stringent safety and cleanliness standards, and provide a daily report to share information about your child’s activities, eating, and bathroom habits for the day.

For parent’s convenience and as part of our commitment to be kind to the environment, we provide cloth diapers and wipes for all children in our care. Additionally, we encourage potty training and offer toddlers an opportunity to sit on the potty at each diaper change. Toddlers enjoy wholesome, natural foods prepared on-site in our commercial kitchen.


One of our warm and welcoming toddler classrooms!