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February 7, 2023

Creating a Hygge-Inspired Cozy Corner!

Take a moment to get cozy/Hygge with your little one! Hygge is the Danish word that describes the feeling of coziness and well-being!

We’re creating a special space that uses these elements of Hygge

1. Soft Textures

2. Colors

3. Warmth

We’ll be using battery powered string lights, safe, soft building elements, books and blankets!

As you build, you can practice engineering and critical thinking- how does your structure stay up? Is there enough room? What would we need to make this space even cozier?

Did you know that lights like these can release dopamine in the brain? Dopamine is a natural feel good chemical!

Use your imagination and decorate with- what makes your Hygge spot so special? What will you do together to create it?


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