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November 4, 2022

A Trip to the Grocery Store with Tierra Encantada!

This week, we are sharing a way to bring some TE fun on your next trip to the store!

Our team has made grocery lists that can be printed at home and shared with your little one. While searching for the new items needed for your fridge, kids and their adults can learn more about the colors and shapes around us… as well as some of their favorite foods in Spanish!

In our centers, food is more than what’s on our plates. Curious to learn more about how we approach meals in the classroom? Enrolled parents can check out their parent handbooks, complete with a sample menu and our direct policies. We adhere to USDA guidelines for portioning and serving sizes!

Creating Positive and Engaging Mealtime Experiences

Have your child help select a vegetable to serve at a favorite meal- this could be a known favorite or a new ingredient for the whole family to try! When sitting down to enjoy it, ask them about the color, taste, and smells they notice! What makes it taste good? Which animals may want to try and eat it? Does it look like a certain shape?

(Parent note: studies show that by making conversations while eating about connection and not what’s on their plate… children are more likely to try new foods and eat to satisfy hunger!

Kids like to snack? Take the time to let them select a healthy treat that meets their nutrition needs. Provide expectations on what types of food they can select “we are looking for a fruit today”, or “I need help finding a snack with lots of protein”… and then a location to search, and let them choose! 

(Parent note: Helping make young learners a part of the decision making can also lead to higher engagement. Healthy snacks are more fun when they make the choice!)

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