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May 27, 2022

Advice from parents- How to Handle Classroom Transitions!

Ready to make the move from an infant to toddler classroom? Is your toddler heading into preschool? These tips and tricks can help the transition go smoothly for everyone!

One of our favorite things to observe is children’s growth through our program. As they go from classroom to classroom, they make new friends and learn more about the world around them. The transition from an infant classroom to a toddler classroom- or a toddler room to a preschool one– can be an adjustment for everyone, but support from parents and teachers helps immensely! Our teachers are equipped to make kids new to the classroom feel accepted and comfortable. They will emphasize a little one’s strengths, introduce them to the new parts of their environment in a controlled manner, and help facilitate interactions with new amigos!

Transitions can be easier with family support! We talked to Tierra Encantada parents for advice in handling classroom transitions! 

Advice from Lana, Mom to a Tierra Encantada Toddler

For transitions in general: The transition looks different for everyone, depending on where a child is in their development. In a transition from infant to toddler, the excitement factor can be high, with new toys and activities!

For new activities and classroom routine: I once asked the center director how the kids don’t just fall off the playground, and she said it was similar to how they sleep on cots- they see the other kids do it, and follow along.

Outside of care: One thing I know that has been helpful for others if transitioning is difficult, or if your child is going through a difficult time, is to set up a play date with classmates on the weekend!

Advice from Jason, Dad to a Tierra Encantada Preschooler and infant

Our eldest started in the Toddler’s classroom, after spending time at home with my wife and i during the pandemic. The initial weeks were tough for everyone. There were a lot of new routines and people. We learned quickly that having repetition and making small choices into drop off made a huge difference. 

We could prevent big emotions at the door if we gave our daughter the choice of helping to open the front door, what way she headed to the classroom, and which foot she put her slippers on, etc. When it was time to go in, we had a special goodbye where we would zoom her into a teacher’s arms at the door, and waved goodbye at the window. It quickly became a special ritual that she would look forward to because we only said our special goodbyes at school.

When it was time for her to transition to the Preschool class. We took time in the mornings at drop off- and would just spend a few minutes observing the older kids playing. When it was time for her to join the class, she couldn’t wait to join the kids she had been watching before.

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