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July 10, 2023

Preparing for Kindergarten, Resources by State, Embracing Big Feelings & More

4 essential skill buckets that kids learn at Tierra Encantanda that help when preparing for kindergarten, plus free resources for families by state.

Tierra Encantada Skills That Help in Kindergarten!

Over the course of a little one’s time at Tierra Encantada, there’s a lot of learning that gets done (on top of a lot of fun)! Through immersion education, play-based learning and STEAM programs, there are four skill buckets that Tierra Encantada students bring to kindergarten!


Our teachers empower kids to do things independently and with confidence. Whether that’s using the bathroom on their own, or picking up after playtime in preschool or putting their own shoes on in our toddler rooms, encouraging little ones to do things on their own

Social and Communication Skills:

Any given day at Tierra Encantada is full of opportunities to interact with other kids, teachers, and other families! We practice sharing, taking turns,we resolve conflict peacefully and with communication. We emphasize treating others with respect both emotionally and physically. Helping little ones learn to express themselves calmly and clearly- and on the other side of the coin, to listen actively- is a lesson that we are never done teaching (or learning).

Academic Readiness and Following Routines:

Circle time at Tierra Encantada is synonymous with learning time. It’s where every classroom reviews numbers, letters, colors, shapes, words and more. We sing songs and dance to enhance the lessons, and incorporate them into games and activities. 

Most kindergarten classes follow a routine- something Tierra Encantada little ones are very used to! This part of the transition to kindergarten should be easy after time at Tierra.

Every day consists of two delicious meals and two snacks, learning, playtime and more, all in a specific order. Sometimes our classes know what’s coming next before their maestra! 

Dealing with Big Feelings Come Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is a big step- for a lot of Tierra Encantada families, it’s their first school transition ever! Emotions can run high in this season of life, and we’ve got a few tips on handling how you and your little one feel.

  • Reflect on your family’s experience of entering daycare/preschool for the first time. How did it go? How have things changed since then?
  • Document and share the milestones- but don’t worry if you miss a photo op.
  • Allow yourself to get emotional, even if the timing seems odd.
    • Waves of emotion sometimes come at times that might seem odd. Embrace them regardless of where and when- in the long run, it’s easier to feel the feelings than to push them down.
  • Pull up some of your own memories from kindergarten.
    • Do you/your parents have old photos? Pull them out and show your little one! If you did it, so can they!
  • Take advantage of your school’s first visits and introductory activities.
    • School sponsored activities that occur in late summer are a great way for your little one (and you!) to get comfortable with the environment. Walk the halls, find their classroom and cubby, and meet their teacher. After the visit, be sure to talk things through with your child- mention how friendly the teacher seemed, how much space their cubby had, how friendly their classmates looked.

Kindergarten Logistics- What to Keep on Your Radar

  • What’s offered in your school district (is there an immersion program?)
  • Early Childhood Screenings
  • Immunizations

Resources by State





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