I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful daycare for my child in Tierra Encantada! It is exactly what I hoped for – more of a school than child warehouse. At Tierra, my daughter is learning a skill, the Spanish language, before age five, something that took me eight years to master. Tierra’s teachers are kind and caring. After just one day, my daughter ran to hug her teacher goodbye, asking me if she could “go back tomorrow.” I also know my child is receiving nutritious, organic food and eating more diverse options than she will even touch at home. With a second child on the way, I am thrilled that Tierra provides baby food and cloth diapers, which save me time, money, and conscience. I wholeheartedly recommend Tierra to anyone who wishes to provide the best care for his or her child available outside of staying home.

Immersion education is by far the best type of program in the United States for children to learn a foreign language.
Nancy Rhodes
Director of Foreign Language Education, Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington D.C.

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