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Language immersion

Give them the Gift of Spanish

At Tierra Encantada children learn the Spanish language naturally, just like how they learn their native language at home.

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Benefits of Bilingualism

Children that are given the opportunity to learn a second language at a young age enjoy a lifetime of benefits. These benefits extend far beyond a child being able to adopt accurate pronunciations and recreate new sounds. Children that learn a second language at a young age have stronger executive functioning, increased empathy, score higher on college admissions exams, and have increased protection against Alzheimer’s – and it doesn’t stop there, read about more benefits in The Benefits of Learning a Second Language as a Child in Parent Magazine.

The age a child starts learning makes a difference. Linguistics researchers all agree on one thing – the earlier a child starts learning a second language, the better. When children start by age 3 or 4, they have shown significantly enhanced critical thinking skills, creativity, cognitive flexibility, and multitasking capabilities. And unfortunately, after 7 years of age, children’s ability to learn a new language begins its systematic decline (The Linguistic Genius of Babies – TED Talk).

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Set Your Child Up For Success

Immersion is definitively the best way to learn a second language. What does immersion mean? Immersion means children learn Spanish in our centers in the most authentic way possible, similar to how they learn their first language at home – through context and conversation.

At Tierra, we have chosen Spanish as the language we immerse children in, because of the tremendous value it adds. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and is behind only Chinese in the number of native speakers in the world – more than even English! In the United States, Spanish is the second most spoken language with over 15% of our population able to speak Spanish, we even have more Spanish speakers than Spain! This will continue to increase exponentially and it is predicted that by 2050 one in three people will speak Spanish in the United States.

Our community says it best

“I have and will continue to recommend TE to anyone and everyone. Our daughter has been attending for almost a year and without exception her caregivers have been loving, responsible, and committed to education and inclusive values.”

Sara Nick , Mom
Eagan, MN

“Tierra Encantada is such a warm and friendly environment- the teachers have so much love for the children and it shows every single day. As a parent that is a great feeling!!”

Taylor , Mom
Minneapolis, MN

“My daughter has been at Tierra Encantada for several months now and WOW! The staff is so caring and welcoming! Neither myself nor her father are Spanish speakers, and it is amazing to hear her growth in the language from day to day and week to week.”

Alanna Dushok , Mom
Alexandria, VA

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“I can’t give Tierra enough praise! On paper, the center had exactly what we were looking for – Spanish immersion, organic food, cloth diapers, a strong curriculum – but in practice, all you ever really want for your kids is for them to be cared for and loved by their caretakers and that’s where Tierra excels above the rest.” – Meg V., Minneapolis, MN

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