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Your Tierra Encantada Journey

Franchising with Tierra Encantada is a big step. But it’s a step that will lead you towards achieving your goals, and it’s probably easier than you think. We’ll walk you through our process from start to finish for bringing Tierra Encantada to your community. Just think, a year from now you could be welcoming families at your very own Tierra Encantada!



$2.7 Million



With numbers like this you will be able to focus more time on growing your portfolio and less time on squeezing margins to make a profit. The success of Tierra Encantada locations is built on their business model where revenue is recurring versus transactional, and once your location is full ongoing marketing and customer acquisition costs drop dramatically.


Get Qualified

We’ll schedule a Qualification Call to learn more about you and answer any immediate questions you have.


Learn More About Us

We’ll schedule your Tierra Encantada overview to provide in-depth information about our program.


FDD Review

We’ll go through our FDD in great depth, review your goals, financing options, and territory options.


Discovery Day & Franchise Agreement

See Tierra Encantada in action, meet our management team, and if qualified, we will offer you a letter of intent and then will work on finalizing a Franchise Agreement.


Training Time

Learn everything you need to know about opening and operating your Tierra Encantada Center(s) – and we will be there to support you throughout the process!


Join Your New Community

We will help promote your Grand Opening and be there on-site prior to opening to ensure your facility is ready to welcome it’s first Tierra Encantada Families!

Selecting a market

Through our proven experience selecting sites, we’ll help you choose the best market for your center. Tierra Encantada is already operating in four states across three regions of the United States with nine more in development and future growth plans in almost every state.

When investing in Tierra Encantada, Franchisee partners can choose whether to lease or purchase their Center. The cost of leasing versus purchasing can vary wildly depending on the market, size of the site and building, and location. We’ve included a breakdown of your approximate initial investment based of our experience opening our Corporate Centers.

Type Of ExpenditureEstimated Low*Estimated High*
Franchise Fee$48,000$60,000
Lease & Improvements$417,700$1,631,550
Outdoor Playground$124,000$181,000
Facility & Kitchen Equipment, Furniture, Supplies & Signage$302,775$456,450
Business License & Certifications$500$1,000
Professional Fees$48,500$88,280
Initial Training & Grand Opening Training$1,000$10,000
Opening Advertising & Marketing$25,000$35,000
Additional Funds (3 months)$60,000$150,000
Total Estimated Investment$1,032,525$2,619,530
*Estimated Initial Investment

Ready to take the next step?

Complete this form and our team will be in touch right away with more information and to discuss how to own a Tierra Encantada franchise.