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Our Program

We are actively enrolling at many of our locations! At your tour, you will meet our team and get the chance to learn more about our program and available space. If our program is currently at capacity at your preferred location, you will be added to our waitlist and we will be able to reach out as soon as we have a space available. If there are other centers in your area, you also have the option to enroll at a center nearby while remaining on the waitlist for your preferred location!

Yes! You can schedule a virtual tour with the Center Director at your preferred location. Use our location finder to choose the center near you and to receive a link to schedule a tour.

Unfortunately, we do not accept tuition assistance or scholarships; however, please know, many families in our program use our quarterly statements to apply for FSA and other tuition reimbursement programs. For more information about FSA please visit their website here: We also encourage families to check in with their employers about any tuition reimbursement programs they might offer.

Tierra Encantada follows all state requirements for each age group, but where state ratios are higher than our brand standards we will adhere to lower student-to-teacher ratios to provide higher quality care.

Most Tierra Encantada locations are open from 6:30am to 6:00pm. Hours may vary slightly by location and throughout the year based on your location’s event calendar. Please refer to your location page for specific hours of operation and refer to your parent handbook for the calendar of holidays, limited hours, and closures.

Spanish Immersion

Language Immersion is an approach to foreign language instruction in which the curriculum and  activities are conducted in a foreign language, in this case, Spanish.

This means that Spanish is the medium of instruction for all subjects and activities at Tierra Encantada. Children learn a second language naturally the same way they learn their primary language- by being immersed in their environment. Immersion students acquire the necessary language skills to understand and communicate in Spanish. Immersion is seen as a highly effective way to learn a second language.

Language immersion programs are particularly effective for developing fluency, cultural understanding, and an intuitive grasp of the language’s nuances.

A Spanish Immersion Program offers students the ability to become bilingual at a very young age. Young brains are hard wired to acquire language. Taking advantage of the window of opportunity between birth and adolescence allows a child to optimize his or her language learning potential, and speak the second language with a native accent.

Tierra Encantada students will be able to speak and understand both English and Spanish. Unlike learning a language later on in life, young children typically do not feel inhibited or scared to speak a new language. Research shows that bilingual students gain additional academic, cognitive and employment benefits later in life. Research shows that students who study a second language score higher on average than their monolingual peers.

Our Curriculum

100%. We are a full immersion program and 100% of instruction is taught in Spanish. For more details, check out our program page or schedule a tour to discuss this more with our staff!

Each location coordinates field trips for their preschool and pre-K classes. These include both off-site trips and on-site visitors to engage students in special experiences and community members. Parents and guardians are encouraged to join in the field trip experience so contact your Center Director if you are interested!

The science-backed curriculum at Tierra Encantada is built from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and SEL (Social-Emotional Learning. Combined into 12 units throughout the year and curated for each age group and classroom, students will have opportunities to develop across a variety of educational disciplines while also fostering social and emotional connections with themselves and those around them.

Our Culinary Program

Meals at Tierra Encantada are made from scratch daily, using organic ingredients. Tuition includes all meals and snacks including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and purees for infants. Visit our culinary program page to learn more.

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