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Inspired environments for strong foundations

Small steps to great adventures… begin here!

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Curated Curriculum, Enriching Environments

In our classrooms, we focus on the growth of the whole child and believe they learn best by doing. Paired with our expert-curated curriculum, your child can develop both their language skills and confidence as they explore their new world.

Foster Creativity

Our classrooms are filled with a variety of engaging musical experiences to support your little ones development. Take a moment to listen (and dance) to one of our playlists.

Artistic Expression

Children engage with colors, textures, and a variety of materials each day, to creatively express themselves and the world they see!

Scientific Thinking

Our rooms are lined with shelves of toys that encourage children to investigate, discover, reason, and organize their knowledge… all while playing with friends!

Math & Logic

Each day we share how numbers are found around us. Counting up to one hundred, recognizing concepts like “more”, “less”, or “none” all build a foundation for everyday math skills.

Literacy Development

Our books are carefully selected to help build imaginations, while illustrating ideas and feelings that help them make sense of self and the world around them.

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Set Your Child Up For Success

Immersion is definitively the best way to learn a second language. What does immersion mean? Immersion means children learn Spanish in our centers in the most authentic way possible, similar to how they learn their first language at home – through context and conversation.

At Tierra, we have chosen Spanish as the language we immerse children in, because of the tremendous value it adds. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries and is behind only Chinese in the number of native speakers in the world – more than even English! In the United States, Spanish is the second most spoken language with over 15% of our population able to speak Spanish, we even have more Spanish speakers than Spain! This will continue to increase exponentially and it is predicted that by 2050 one in three people will speak Spanish in the United States.

Related Insights

Our community says it best

“Before learning of Tierra we wanted a place that served healthy food, offered bilingual (specially Spanish-English) education, and provided a safe and welcoming environment among many other desires. Tierra offers those things and much more! Free cloth diapers, wipes, bottles, and smiles are also a part of the deal which we were happy about.”

LaShawndra T. , Mother
Alexandria, VA

“All the staff are wonderful and my child loves it here! Extra pluses for healthy meals cooked on-site, good physical activity time, great communication with families, and a strong play-based Spanish curriculum. Most of all, I know the staff love my kiddo and she loves them.”

Helen W. , Mother
Alexandria, VA

“We love tierra encantada! Our child previously attended their Bryant location, so we have been at TE for 2 years. I am a spanish native speaker and it is really important that my child is raised bilingual, tierra is really helping us in the process! What we also like about Tierra is their caring staff, facilities, awesome food, cleanliness, safety, and when our child was an infant it was really convenient that they provided cloth diapers and purées. We couldn’t be happier with tierra!”

Eli G. , Dad
Minneapolis, MN

More about our program

experience the Difference

Our differences truly make us better and as a Tierra Encantada parent, you can take pride in knowing your child is receiving the best care and early learning experience available.

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It’s More than a language

Spanish immersion is at the heart of our program, and we enrich your child’s experience with social and emotional development, a play-based S-T-E-A-M curriculum, and more!

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The culinary program

First bites that leave lasting impressions. Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks are prepared fresh daily at every location.

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“I can’t give Tierra enough praise! On paper, the center had exactly what we were looking for – Spanish immersion, organic food, cloth diapers, a strong curriculum – but in practice, all you ever really want for your kids is for them to be cared for and loved by their caretakers and that’s where Tierra excels above the rest.” – Meg V., Minneapolis, MN

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