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September 26, 2023

5 Ways to Continue Spanish Immersion at Home

Get involved with your child’s dual language experience!

At Tierra Encantada, we provide a full Spanish Immersion experience. Teachers speak fluent Spanish to the kids, books written in Spanish are in every classroom and Spanish music is playing frequently. After a day at Tierra Encantada, there are still ways to bring that Spanish language experience back home, so your child can further immerse themselves in the language.

  1. Listen to Spanish music on the ride to and from Tierra Encantada.

This can be a great way to prepare your child for a day of Spanish, and to unwind at the end of one. There are plenty of videos and playlists with Spanish music for kids on YouTube or any music streaming app like Spotify.

  1. Supply Spanish books found at TE, at home.

You can find some of the books we have at our Tierra Encantada locations through our story time series on YouTube. While you may not be able to read the books, your kids can follow along with the teacher reading it in the video.

  1. Ask your child questions on how to say certain things in Spanish.

Let your child be the teacher! “¿Cómo se dice ____?” means “How do you say”, and then you fill in the blank with whatever word you are looking to learn. It could be colors, numbers, animals…

  1. Follow Tierra Encantada on Instagram or Facebook (if you’re not already)

On Tierra Encantada’s social media accounts you can find videos, photos and more blog content that all link back to our Spanish immersion mission. Learn new words, crafts, recipes and skills, all using Spanish words throughout.

  1. Try watching a familiar tv show or movie in Spanish.

Switch the language on your child’s favorite movie or show. Try this with something they have seen before, so they know what’s going on, on screen — but now they can hear it in Spanish. Alternatively, start with something like the Pocoyó en Español YouTube channel, where full episodes of the animated children’s show are available in Spanish.

The benefits of being bilingual make up a long list, and continuing the immersion process at home can help reinforce their language learning to further those benefits. Give your child the opportunity to explore Spanish beyond the classroom–and hey, maybe you’ll pick up some Spanish too.

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