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May 22, 2023

A Look At Tierra Encantada’s Infant Classroom!

What makes our infant classroom an amazing space for babies to thrive?

baby playing with toy

Our Infant classrooms play a large role in the development of our smallest amigos at Tierra Encantada! Here’s  a closer look at a few of the details that go into the design, toys, and safety for our babies!

Bright colors 

Everywhere you look in our rooms, there’s a bright color! This is intentional, and a great way to stimulate infant cognitive function! Contrasting colors send strong signals to a baby’s brain– which supports brain growth, visual development and focus.

A former teacher in our design department!

Our teachers spend a lot of time with the little ones in their classrooms, and can often anticipate needs before they arise. Who better to design classrooms than someone who has spent time in it? One of our former teachers is our design assistant, and has been an instrumental part in creating our room plans and layouts!

Toys- textures, sizes and shapes

A soft plush is comforting, great for calming a little one. A ring of keys are noisy when shaken, and each one is shaped differently. It’s important to introduce infants to a wide variety of sounds, textures and activities- and we select toys with that in mind!

Nutrition for all stages

During an infant’s first year, their feeding needs will grow and change rapidly. Each of our infant rooms are equipped to support a variety of nutritional needs. From our safe and sanitary storage space for formula or breastmilk, house-made puree’s full of flavor, or engaged teachers at the table. Infants experience a wide variety of “firsts” that build a foundation for fun and flavor in every meal!

Other opportunities for learning and exploration

Our infant classrooms have a couple other great features for infant development! Throughout the classroom, we have mirrors at infant eye-level. Beyond engaging your little one’s visual senses, mirrors are great for working motor skills, as infant’s are likely to reach out and touch who they see in the mirror!

A piece of our infants rooms is also a part of our curriculum- our sign language posters! Every month, our teachers focus on a new sign (for example, “More”, “Milk” or “All Done”). You can view the posters and learn sign language movements here!

A lot goes into our infant classrooms, because we want the very best for the little ones in our care! Infants that spend time in our rooms are sure to have an engaging, sensory experience, everyday.

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