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February 1, 2023

An Inside Look at a Tierra Encantada Toddler Room

Toddlers are ready to explore the world around them- and our classrooms encourage exactly that!

Toys for Toddler Development

Our class shelves are filled with both “open-ended” toys that encourage play, imagination and creativity like dolls, dress up clothes, and play kitchens. As well as “close-ended” toys that focus on task completion, patience, and building attention like puzzles, building blocks or sorting games. Together, this variety of fun supports children as they develop their cognitive and motor skills. 

Our classrooms also introduce play that imitates life, and invite the growing curiosity of toddlers! Children can cook a meal in the kitchen or dress up like their favorite animal. What appears like “playing pretend” is also building their communication and social skills!

Art Area 

As a part of our premier curriculum, we learn daily through art! Our class “proyectos” incorporate a variety of colors, textures and mobility skills that help our little ones express themselves! A classroom favorite is creating our own snow globes! Follow along and try making your own at home!

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