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July 6, 2022

Campamento (Camp) Tierra Encantada – Reinforcing the Theme at Home

Summer camp with your mejor amigos? Count us in! All July at Tierra Encantada, we’ll be learning, speaking Spanish and playing games at our very own Campamento!

There are so many sensory experiences in the summertime- and our infant classrooms will explore them at Campamento Tierra Encantada! We’ll see seasonal sights on our walks outside in our strollers, introduce water by splashing with our hands and feet and continue to find ways to communicate our needs and wants with sign language. 

Toddlers will go wild at weekly animal camps! Bugs and butterflies, dinosaurs, fish and other summer critters will be at the center of each week. We’ll do animal artwork, sing Spanish songs- and do it all while enjoying the warm weather and the sun!

Preschoolers  will find out how many different ways we can experience the summer! A picnic outside during snack time, an investigation into where local animals and insects live, and creating our own dinosaur fossils from outside materials. Our Pre-K kids will become expert campers! We’ll learn about all the different types of camping equipment and processes- building a tent, using a lantern, “going fishing” – we’ll even make our own binoculars!

Reinforcing the Theme at Home

Camping in your own backyard can be just as fun as going on a trip! There’s no need to spend the night outside either- have a picnic, read some books, bring some board games, play “I Spy” and soak in the summer sights!

Really feeling in the camp spirit? Theme your weekend! You could run an animal camp and go to the zoo, host an art camp and paint the day away or come up with a new kind of camp all on your own!

Campamento Tierra Encantada is a curriculum theme all about community, the outdoors and making the most of the summer!

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