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March 9, 2022

Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is women’s history month- but at Tierra Encantada, we uplift and celebrate women all year!

From our teachers, to our center administration to our CEO and founder, Tierra Encantada is full of smart, hard working women! This women’s history month, take time to learn about, reflect on and celebrate women of the past and present- and we have some great ideas on how to do so!

Historical Figures & Women who Paved the Way for Equality and Recognition

Don’t just learn about the accomplishments of powerful women- do what they did! To learn about Venus and Serena Williams, go play tennis, and talk about what they had to learn and overcome. Try one of our STEM crafts and experiments– and talk about how Marie Curie and Rosalind Franklin paved the way for women in science. Sing and dance your heart out, just like Selena Quintanilla! Put your little artist to work with some Women’s History Month coloring pages, and show some examples of female artists and their artistic styles!

Present Day Women & Celebrating Locally

Plan a shopping spree day, and try out women owned restaurants and businesses near you- you might find your new favorite spot! Support a womens sports team in your area- you can do this in lots of different ways. Have your little one draw a picture or write a card to the team or a player (and actually mail it!), or seek out some tickets to one of their games!

Honor a hardworking woman in your life! You can offer support on a task, give a busy mom time to relax, or just write a heartfelt appreciation note. 

Women’s history is world history. Women have paved the way for gender equality, led the fight for equal pay. Women today are building their own legacies and following their dreams. Learning about women of the past can help inspire and motivate our little ones, who will lead the future!

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