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July 11, 2022

Creating Spaces of Movement in your Home

Growing little ones can often be found bouncing off the walls- it sometimes seems like they have endless amounts of energy!

When it’s raining, too hot or cold, and going outside isn’t an option, creating spaces of movement in your home can be a fun way to accommodate a little one’s bursts of energy!

Make a “Move Room”

Do you have a common room or area that’s available to use? Clear it of anything breakable, and make it the designated “moving room”! This can be a room used just to run from corner to corner, or play movement games like Twister or Red Light Green Light, or create an obstacle course for the whole family to try (who can do it the fastest?).

Create your Own Active Games!

Using painters tape, make different shapes on the floor- circles, triangles, rectangles- about a foot apart. Have your little one stand in a shape, and call out which one they should jump to (or crawl, skip, run, roll to).

Count the number of specific things in your house, and explore all over the place! How many brown items are in your house? Have your little one check every room- and for a Tierra twist, count the items in Spanish as high as you can!

Low on space for movement? You don’t need much to do yoga! Stretching with your little one can help release some extra energy before slowing down for the night.

Creating a safe, moveable environment in your home can help support your little one’s physical and creative expression- and be super fun!

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