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August 4, 2022

Dealing with Big Emotions when a Sibling goes to School

It can be hard when siblings are separated- and with the school year right around the corner, big siblings may be going off to elementary school, and little siblings may have some big emotions!

Explaining the new routine in detail can help kids feel more comfortable and in control with the changes. Maybe their siblings won’t be with them on the car ride to Tierra Encantada, but you can explain that they’ll be in the car at pickup! 

There are great children’s books that tackle this transition- Henry at Home is by Minnesota author Megan Maynor (local to our locations in the Twin Cities!), and follows Henry and Liza as Liza goes to school for the first time! Other great options for story time are Are All Welcome and Maple and Willow Apart.

If you’re going school supplies shopping, let  your littlest one help find supplies too! Small gestures can go a long way- finding ways to work together, or pick out a special pack of crayons to keep at home can remind your little one that they’re still included. Your kids can always play with the extra crayons or pencils over the weekend!

Act it out! Allow your kids to become the “teachers” and walk you through their new routine. Having parents become the student and need to learn helps strengthen empathy, recognizing emotions, and spark conversation around new fears.

Make the most of quality time before and after school as a family! When it’s time to say goodbye in the mornings, remind all your little ones that the whole family will be back together before they know it! After school, share highlights from the day at the dinner table, another way to include everyone!

Change can be hard for little ones, but being sure to make this transition special for everyone involved can help lessen the big emotions that come with change!

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