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February 1, 2022

¡El Asombroso Cuerpo Humano! (The Amazing Human Body!) – Reinforcing the Theme at Home

Our February curriculum theme focuses on learning all the things our bodies can do, and how to talk about them (we’re learning all the body parts in Spanish!).

¡El Asombroso Cuerpo Humano! (The Amazing Human Body!) – Reinforcing the Theme at Home

Our bodies are powerful and we use them everyday- in ways we don’t always realize!

All of our classrooms are created to meet the needs of different stages of learning. 

Infants use their hands, feet, (and mouths!) to figure out the world around them. Our classrooms are full of clean mouth-safe toys, and free of choking-hazards, so infants can explore with their senses as much as they would like! 

Toddlers gain a deeper sense of which body part completes what function, specifically their ojos (eyes), orejas (ears), manos (hands) and nariz y boca (nose and mouth)! We will do art, word games and more about each body part and what they do. 

Preschoolers will discover all the variations of their body-  hair color, eye color, height, skin color, etc. And build upon their understanding of what makes us similar and unique.

Pre-K are going to dive into the science of our bodies: the skeletal, digestive and circulatory systems!

Body Positivity

At home, you can introduce lessons about body positivity. With so much messaging in the media about how a body “should” look, body positivity teaches your little one to be comfortable in their own skin, that differences are unique and can be embraced, and that there is no such thing as the perfect body. 

To start a body positivity discussion, ask about what kinds of things make a person healthy- having fun exercising and moving your body, filling your body with food you like and gives you energy (like we do everyday at Tierra Encantada!), resting when you are tired. Notice how these are all actions, not ways a person looks! A body is used for all types of activity, not just to look a certain way! Take a deeper look at the media your family consumes as well- what kinds of bodies are represented and in what ways? The more diversity in positive body type representation, the better!

Learning to love your body as we  grow and change can be built on a foundation . In our classrooms we emphasize all the wonderful things our bodies do for us, and hope to jump start a positive mindset for the little ones in our care.

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