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June 24, 2022

Explore Summer Through STEM

Summer is a great time to get outside, soak up the sun, and yes, learn! STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lessons are all around us during the summer. Incorporate fun lessons while outside, on vacation and more!

Go out and explore…

Have an ecosystem exploration day! An ecosystem is widely defined as any area and all that exists there. Head out to a lake for a beach day or go on a walk through a forest for some exercise, and discover what animals and plants live in the area! How are these ecosystems different from other ones?

Fireworks are a popular summertime activity- grab a blanket, some snacks, and find a local place to watch them! What are fireworks made of, and how do they catapult up so high? You can even make your own, kid-safe fireworks in a jar- we have a tutorial here!

…Or explore in your backyard!

On the rare days when it’s a little bit sunny and a little bit rainy, try to catch a rainbow! How are rainbows formed? Do some research and color a rainbow of your own, or try our rainbow slime!

Feeling crafty over the weekend? We have a full playlist of Tierra Encantada STEM crafts on our blog and Youtube channel! Do you have white flowers in your garden? Watch them change colors with this fun activity! Play pirates- and go on a treasure hunt with these fizzing rocks that can hide toys!

Avoid hearing “I’m bored” this summer, and keep busy with STEM activities while you’re out enjoying the season!

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