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February 16, 2022

Four Tips on how to Teach your Child to Share

Sharing is an important lesson- but it can be a tough one for little ones to learn!

At Tierra Encantada, we include lessons on sharing in different ways- in our curriculum, while having free play, and in books we read aloud. Here are a couple tips that can help your little one embrace sharing and understand why it’s important!

  1. Sharing can Make Things More Fun!

Making and playing with friends is the best- and it often means you get to share new toys, stories and other ways to play! Emphasizing to your little ones that sharing with friends makes everything more fun can help them understand its importance. A great way to introduce the concept of FUN is helping them select a special item to bring in for Show & Tell. On the way to school you can talk about how they will SHARE why their item is special to them… and when they are done- they can place it away in their cubby!

2. Sharing Develops Kindness

Sharing is a lesson in empathy and understanding. When met with resistance to sharing, we can use the opportunity to ask questions, and navigate feelings of ourselves and others. Try asking questions like “It looks like you are feeling frustrated that it’s their turn to play with the toy… wanna roar in a pillow and count to 5?” “I feel sad that we can’t all play together. What are some toys we can share and play together?”  Regardless of the object being shared, your child will have an opportunity to navigate their emotions with your help!

3. Explore Their World Through Sharing.

Point out sharing whenever you observe it, the more they see the more they can understand! Whether it’s on a favorite tv show, driving along in the car, or in a Tierra Encantada classroom, make note of it! You can discuss if they see “more” or “less” (math skills), how pieces work together when shared (engineering skills) or even how something new is created when individual pieces come together to make something new (science skills).

4. It’s Okay to NOT Share (sometimes)

As a part of our curriculum at Tierra Encantada, we also make sure to include lessons that will set them up for success as they continue to grow. At times, your child may NOT want to share an important item, or may want to have some time for solo play. Helping them find language to share when they DON’T want to share can build a foundation for emotional growth and healthy boundaries in their future years.

While sharing isn’t always easy to teach or to learn, it creates fun and connection in the classroom, helping kids to make lasting, healthy friendships!

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