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October 12, 2022

Healthy Habits Everyone can Implement!

We’re sharing a few of the many things we do in our centers to stay healthy and clean.

Healthy habits should be in use year-round, but as the weather begins to cool down, it is a great time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay healthy! We’re sharing just a few of the many things we do in our centers to stay healthy and clean.

Wash your hands whenever you can! 

Washing our hands is the first thing we do when we arrive at Tierra Encantada during drop off. We wash our hands after playing outside or doing a messy activity, before every meal, and of course after using the bathroom!

Clean, sanitize and disinfect on a schedule!

Our team is always at the ready to clean up after every activity and meal, and any surprise messes (it’s bound to happen in childcare!). We have clearly labeled spray bottles with different cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions that teachers use one after the other to make sure our classrooms and common areas are germ-free. At home, be sure to clean, sanitize and disinfect whenever you have the time- and especially before and after you have guests!

Cover your Cough!

At Tierra Encantada, the little ones we care for everyday are in the smallest possible age groups. We know they are not always able to control their bodily fluids, like sneezes or coughs. We support them in all the ways we can, and work with them to instill healthy habits from a young age! We encourage the little ones to cover their cough or sneeze- and if things go awry, to clean up and wash your hands right away!

Eat Healthy!

The nutrients we get from flavorful, well-rounded meals give us energy and keep us healthy! Fill your dinner plate up with vegetables, fruits and whole grain carbohydrates. You can find lots of examples of recipes that maximize nutrients on our blog!

Bundle Up!

In the coming months, the weather will only get colder. Protect yourself by investing in a quality winter coat- and protect your little ones by sending them with the right gear to Tierra Encantada. Hats, mittens and scarves can keep you warm all over!

Monitor Yourself and Your Little Ones

Self-assess your household as often as you can. Does anyone have a fever or a tickle in their throat? The best way to  protect yourself and others from lots of different sicknesses is to stay home whenever you feel the slightest bit off. We want your little ones at their very best to ensure they get the most enjoyment and learning out of every day at their healthiest!

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