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April 5, 2022

Las Cosas Crecen y Cambian (Things Grow and Change) – Reinforcing the Theme at Home

Plants grow in the garden, baby animals are born and mature- lots of things grow and change, and we’re learning all about it in our classrooms!

Kids reading book

Spring is a time for new life- flowers bloom, baby animals are born and emerge from hibernation. In our classrooms, little ones will learn all about how things grow and change and how they can observe and support it!

Infant classrooms take a sensory approach to learn about growth and change. Watching a ball disappear and reappear from a tube,  ripping tissue paper or squishing shaving cream through a bag can make items feel and look different. Babies will also observe their own growth and changes through mirror games and actions. We’re always sure to celebrate their accomplishments and personal changes!

While taking care of dolls and stuffed animals, Toddlers will develop social and emotional skills like caring, nurturing and being respectful. We will think ahead to how these toy babies might grow and change- does a baby bear look the same as a big bear?

Our Preschoolers and Pre-K kids will plant their own seeds, learn about a plant’s life cycle and get ready to care for their plant! 

As Earth Day comes up later this month, they will also learn about all the different ways they can help the earth.

Reinforcing the Theme at Home

It’s the perfect time to start measuring your little one’s growth progression, so that they can see that they truly are growing and changing over time! You can try the classic height marks up the wall method, or come up with a unique way of tracking growth!

Talk about changes your family has experienced! Have you ever moved into a new house? Has your little one gotten a haircut and loved their new look? Has your family grown in number? Reinforcing the idea that change can be good can set your children up for success.

Lots of different children’s books can help kids embrace change. In class, we’ll be reading “Cómo crece una semilla” about the plant life cycle and how all of the changes are natural! Other books about change are !Que Nervios! El Primer Dia de Escuela, El Árbol Generoso and El Pollito que no Quiera Salir del Huevo! Teaching about growth and change helps our littles embrace it! This month’s curriculum is perfect for both the changes in spring, and for our classrooms.

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