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March 1, 2023

Music and Movement- Our March Curriculum Theme!

This month, we’re learning through and about MUSICA and all its benefits with this month’s theme “Music and Movement”!

Preschool kids dancing to music

Did you know that for over 30 years, the National Association for Music Education has dedicated March as the Music in our Schools Month! @NAfME works to bring high quality music programs to children across the country! In line with NAfME’s goal, we’re putting music front and center in our curriculum theme, Music and Movement! 

Emotional and Social Benefits that come from Music Education

There is so much emotional and social value that comes from music education!

  • It’s a natural way to boost your mood
  • It can improve a little one’s vocabulary and language skills
  • It can improve fine motor skills
  • It helps build self-confidence

Music in our curriculum

Music is a central part of every one of our classrooms, year round! We learn Spanish through music, we get active while dancing to music, and we even listen to Tierra Tunes while not at daycare.

Our Music and Movement lesson plans vary by age group, but each is full of tunes of all kinds! For infants, rhythms and sounds are how they start exploring music! Lots of things in our classrooms make sound, and we’ll dive into our musical treasure basket to see the differences in each sound-making item.

So many songs on our toddler playlist are full of new words- so as we listen, we’ll color and draw what we’re singing about! La Orquesta is our first song of the week, and it’s all about instruments. 

Preschool and Pre-K songs will emphasize rhyming words and help us work on our pronunciation. By the end of the unit, we’ll have practiced lots of rhyming words- and be able to sing them in different songs, too!

We’re so excited for our March curriculum theme to have us moving and grooving!

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