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March 2, 2022

Música y Movimiento (Music and Movement)- Reinforcing the Theme at Home

Music is all around us- inside the classroom and at home!

Music plays on the radio on the way to Tierra Encantada while your little one dances in the backseat, birds sing in the mornings as the sun rises (even when it feels way too early!), songs from Encanto and Frozen get stuck in our heads! Our March curriculum theme will have every classroom grooving to the melody and marching to the beat of their own drum! 

Singing out loud and dancing to the beat is lots of fun regardless of your age group, but it can help your child develop their fine motor skills and allows them to practice communication and word recognition! 

Infants will get to use drums, maracas, bells and more! Just hearing those sounds encourages infants to be curious, to look around and explore and make music with whatever makes noise.

Toddlers will focus on how music brings people together! We’ll explore instruments and form a band with our classmates, dance the day away and learn Spanish songs and rhymes. The songs and rhymes help develop speech and listening skills. Toddlers will listen carefully to learn a song, and work on their vowels and pronunciations when repeating them!

Preschoolers and Pre-K classrooms will connect music to reading! Identifying rhyming words in our songs and chants, and later sounding them out, can help kids learn patterns in reading and writing. Through the songs we sing, we’ll also learn numbers, letters and lessons on friendship and respect.

Música y Movimiento at Home!

Bringing our Música y Movimiento curriculum theme home can be fun for the whole family! Dancing to your little one’s favorite song is a way to stay active and help them develop control over their body and how they move it.

You can use music to make complicated tasks more fun! How fast does picking up toys take, one song or two? Can you get on all your winter gear before the end of the music video?

Music can be a great way to encourage emotional expression. In our classrooms, we always put on calming sounds before naptime and happy, upbeat songs when we’re in the gym or before circle time! The music we play at Tierra Encantada is a combination of cultural classics from all over the Spanish-speaking world, kid-favorites from movies and musicals and songs that teach Spanish greetings, colors, numbers and more! We’ve compiled a playlist of songs played in our classrooms and created a Tierra Encantada Tunes playlist on Spotify!

Whether it’s at daycare, at home or anywhere in between, musica y movimiento is a great theme to involve in moments big and small. We’ll be exploring sounds and rhythms at Tierra Encantada, and we hope you will too!

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