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August 2, 2022

Personas y Lugares en mi Comunidad (People and Places in my Community)- Reinforcing the Theme at Home

Creating a community is an important part of the growth and development- that’s one of the reasons we appreciate our TE community so much! In August, our classrooms are exploring what makes a “community” and how they are a part of the world around them!

Infants will work on recognition of people and places! In the classroom, we’ll use circle time to connect and familiarize ourselves with the names and faces of all of our amigos, maestras and padres! We’ll also expand what infants know in their community with our daily neighborhood walks! we’ll look at new places and be introduced to new toys!

People who help are all over our communities! Toddlers will learn about all kinds of help that are in our community- helpers that build, keep us healthy and keep us safe. Where are those helpers located? We’ll also learn about where they work and stay!

Preschoolers will map out their community on paper- where are we, where do we go and where have we been? As we explore more, we’ll add new places onto our maps and expand the world around us. Our Pre-K classrooms in each of our centers will be taking a walking field trip to get to know a group or place in their community! Whether it’s to the fire station, co-op or nearby park, we’ll point out local sights and get to know some community members along the way.

Some centers will have parent volunteers come into the classroom to talk about their jobs! Interested? Keep an eye out in our newsletters to sign up!

Reinforcing the Theme at Home

A quick Google search can pull up lots of local businesses near you! Branch out and visit one you’ve never been to before- you might find your new favorite spot!

On your next car ride- point out the places and spaces around you. Is there a favorite tree that means you are about to turn onto your street, or a familiar business logo with  their favorite treat? Recognizing symbols around us can help set the foundation for reading and writing!

Some community spots are great places to frequent year-round. Libraries often have special reading days for little ones. Fire stations host community events- pancake breakfasts, demonstrations and more.

National Night Out is a neighborhood community event held every August- ask around to see when it is, and get to know your neighbors!

Your little one(s) are finding their place in the world, everyday. Having a sense of community can help them feel welcomed and comfortable!

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