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June 17, 2022

Safety Lessons you can Teach Young Kids

June is national safety month, making it a great time to share lessons about staying safe! With these simple, fun activities, you can share safety everyday!

Teaching Fire Safety: Toy or Not a Toy?

As part of our community involvement efforts in our centers, we had local firefighters visit and talk to us about fire safety! They give us a great way to introduce the topic to young kids. Print off pictures of toys and pictures of items that have to do with fire safety (things like a smoke alarm, fire hydrant, etc) – and use them to play a game called “Toy or Not a Toy?”. Show the images one by one and ask if the item is something we can play with, or something we should leave alone. Once your little one has answered, explain why it’s a toy or safety item, and what it’s used for!

Teaching Street Safety: Cross with a Buddy!

When you park your car or lock up your bike outside of Tierra Encantada and get ready to cross the street, look both ways and hold an adult’s hand. Not only is this a safe way to cross the street- you’ll never be lonely, and you’ll always have a buddy to start and end the day with! Some parents even share that they ask their child to hold their hand “because it makes them (the parent) feel safe!”… and also provides  independent kids a sense of pride in leading safety.

Teaching Car Safety: Buckle In!

Make this lesson a musical one! There are lots of kids’ songs on Youtube that help emphasize the importance of using a seat belt and sitting in a car seat! Pick a favorite song and sing it every morning while getting ready for a car ride! Is your little one trying to unbuckle before the end of the car ride? Put on your favorite playlist (Tierra Tunes!) and challenge them to stay buckled in until the songs stop playing!

With these lessons, learning to be safe can be fun!

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