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May 3, 2022

Soy Especial Soy Yo! (I Am Special, I am Me!) – Reinforcing the Theme at Home

At Tierra Encantada, we emphasize how our differences make us great! Every child is unique, and deserves to be celebrated- and our May curriculum theme does exactly that!

This month, every classroom, from infants to Pre-K, will be learning about what makes them special and how to express themselves in lots of different ways.

Infants in our care will be discovering and learning all kinds of things about themselves! Babies will look at themselves in the mirror, hear their names being said by their teachers, and start to get a grasp on their bodies and how they look. By the end of the month, we’ll be pointing at our cabeza, hombros, rodillas y dedos de los pies (head, shoulders, knees and toes) while listening to the nursery rhyme en Español!

Toddlers will do the same- learn about who they are, their name and how they look and how they control their bodies. They’ll continue exploring how they are unique by identifying and expressing emotions! In each of our Toddler, Preschool and Pre-K classrooms, we have an emotions poster, where each emotion is illustrated and named in English and Spanish. We will point to different emotions, talk about times we’ve felt them, and recreate the faces we make when feeling those emotions! We have examples of those emotions below- timida (shy), sorprendida (surprised) and curioso (curious)!

Preschoolers will start to build up a positive self-image! They will talk with their teachers about what they’re good at and what makes them happy, building up their confidence all the while. Our preschool classrooms will also be full of music and rhymes in Spanish, continuing to learn about all the ways the world is unique and positive as well!

Pre-K kids will learn more about themselves and their families! What does their family do that’s unique? Who is in their family? How does their family make them who they are today?

This curriculum theme can be a blast to take home! Focus on your little one- what they want to do, what they like- and emphasize that these are things that make them special! Capture unique moments on camera, and decorate your little one’s room with fun pictures, reminding them of things and people they love.

Building a positive self-image in your little one can be done through positive word choice, reinforcement and support- both at Tierra Encantada and at home. We’re focusing on how special and unique each little one is, all month, and families can do the same!

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