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January 10, 2023

Tierra Encantada Curriculum- and a Look at this Month’s Theme!

Don’t be surprised if your little one comes home from Tierra Encantada this month and wants to show off some animal sounds- our monthly curriculum theme is about Animals and Their Homes!

About our Curriculum:

Our curriculum is carefully curated to support the whole child. This means we encourage physical and cognitive development… all through the Spanish language! Our lesson plans are tailored to ensure that each year your little one is engaging with new ideas and fun activities to understand the world around them.

Any given day may include singing and dancing to a favorite Spanish song, art project, book read by and worksheet- all before snack time!

About Animals and Their Homes:

This month, our classrooms are focused on learning about different types of animals, the sounds they make, places they live, and their unique family structures!

Infants will get to hear the story of the five little monkeys jumping on the bed- while they clap or sing along to the classic nursery rhyme in Spanish (Cinco Monitos Saltando en La Cama)! They’ll also learn about animals who live in the water- and the ASL sign that says “Agua”! A few doors down, toddlers will be “down on the farm” to learn about fluffy sheep, spotted cows, pink pigs and more! They are sure to come home with lots of colorful animal artwork! Reading time for preschoolers will be full of hilarious animal tales like Knuffle BunnyLola Quiere Un Gato and more! Pre-K will look into the relationship between climates and animals. What kinds of animals live in the desert, where it’s dry and hot? What kinds of creatures can you find underwater?

Here are some Spanish words and phrases parents can work on with their children!

  • Cow- Vaca
  • Dog- Perro
  • Cat- Gato
  • Monkey- Mono
  • Frog- Sapo
  • Bird- Pajaro
  • Fish- Pez
  • Bear- Oso
  • Chicken- Gallina
  • Horse- Caballo
  • What does the ____ say?- ¿Cómo suena el ____?
  • What is your favorite animal?- ¿Cuál animal es su favorito?
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