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September 26, 2023

Find a Great Childcare Center to Ease the Transition Back to Work

Making sure a care center fits your needs can be a big help when going back to work!

After spending lots of time with your little one, it can be hard to make the transition back into work. It’s normal to feel anxious about how your child’s day is going. Finding a childcare center or daycare that fits both you and your child can be a big help in easing those worries. If you’re comfortable with the childcare center where you’re sending your child, you’ll be a lot more comfortable going to work everyday.

Before you look for a childcare center, daycare or preschool program, make note of what you want for both  you and your child. Every family deserves a care center that checks all of their boxes, and knowing details about a center’s methods and resources is important! Here is a short checklist of things to consider.

☐ What kind of hours for care are you looking for? 

☐ How far would you like the location to be from your home or work? 

☐ Do you want food to be provided to your child on site?

☐ What is your ideal security situation for a care company? 

☐ How often would you like updates in your child’s care and behavior?

☐ What is the ideal class size you’d like your child to be in?

☐ What are your core values, and do they align with that of the childcare company’s?

☐ What kinds of cleaning products are you comfortable with being used in the center?

☐ Is there anything you’d like your child to learn while at daycare?

These questions, along with any others you might have, can help you find a childcare center that fits your lifestyle — somewhere you will feel confident about sending your child.

At Tierra Encantada, we understand that worrying is normal, and that when you can’t be with your child, it’s nice to know they’re getting the best care available. We want to help families get through that tough transition of going back to work in any way we can. Our staff are always willing to answer any questions you might have, whether it’s about what your child will be doing, eating (organic meals and snacks are provided onsite!) or learning. TE adapts to a parent’s schedule, so pick up and drop off can occur whenever works best for you. 
If you’re gearing up for a return to work, check if there is a Tierra Encantada location near you, and take a step toward enrollment today!

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