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July 14, 2022

Traveling with Kids

Fun summer vacation goes hand in hand with family travel, which can be chaotic at times! We have some tips for traveling with kids that can make the process a little less stressful.

Plane Logistics and Activities While Flying:

Flying cross country (or even just to the state next door)? Work out a packing system that allows you to have a carry-on designated for your little one(s). Pack this bag with kid-friendly snacks (nothing too messy to avoid long pauses for cleanup), books to read and artwork to color, and your kids favorite stuffed animal, to hug for safety! A handy hack if packing toys is using toys that are completely new to your little one. While it’s comforting to have their longtime favorite stuffed animal or toy, new toys can help occupy more time waiting in the terminal or sitting in the car. You don’t have to continuously purchase new toys either- join a toy exchange or share with family or a neighbor.

Does your little one have airport anxiety? Make a checklist of things you’ll be doing there: checking a bag, going through security, finding the gate, boarding the plane. 

Bringing a car seat on the plane can be helpful for your little one’s comfort levels- it’s less scary to be in your own seat! For infants going on plane rides, it can be helpful to feed them during takeoff or landing, to ease their reaction to new senses and experiences.

Road Trips!

Fight boredom during car rides to grandmas with games like iSpy, or sing along to your favorite Tierra Tunes! A designated bag for your little one can also come in handy on the road- snacks, books and new toys are always a hit.

Summer vacations are for relaxing- and hopefully with these traveling tips, your whole family will have a blast, even while traveling!

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